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Rumble in the Jungle - Giles Andreae, David Wojtowycz

This book describes different animals in the jungle and some of the characteristics of them. this book also has a rhyming scheme which makes it more fun for students to interact with.


This book would be good to use if the classroom was doing an animal theme. Another lesson that can be given with this book is to have the students write about one of the animals they saw in the book.


This books lexile level is AD1140L


The Kissing Hand  (Chester the Raccoon - Nancy M. Leak, Ruth E. Harper, Audrey Penn

The Kissing hand is about a raccoon that is starting his first day of school, but he doesn't want to go. The mother tells him that by putting the hand that she kissed against his chest he can feel her love no matter where he is. The kissing hand encourages him enough to go to school. 


This is is a good story that I would recommend for parents to read to their children before the first day of school.


this books Lexie code is 520L

Time to Sleep - Denise Fleming

This book is about a chain of animals telling their friends that it is time to hibernate.


This is a good book for teaching small children what hibernation is, and some of the animals that hibernate.


The lexile level for this book is AD310L

Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox - Erin Dealey, Hanako Wakiyama

Goldie Locks has chicken pox, and she very sad. She cant go out side or hang with her friends. Her brother is upset because she gets to eat ice cream and lay in bed all day. To make up for this he decides to annoy her. Soon he finds out that he got what he wished for. The Chicken Pox.


This is a good book for parents to read to their children when they are sick. This book also would be good to use when going over different versions of fairy tales in class. 


The lexile level for this book is