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Mooseltoe - Margie Palatini, Henry Cole

Mooseltoe is a story about a  father moose with an extremely long mustache who wanted to make everything perfect for his family at Christmas. He worked tirelessly for days shopping, wrapping presents, decorating and baking.  However, on Christmas Eve he discovered that he had forgotten to put up a Christmas tree.  When he couldn't find a Christmas tree to buy, he let his children put paste in his long mustache so they could shape and decorate it like a Christmas tree.  Then, he stood in the corner covered in Christmas tree lights and decorations waiting for Santa to come and leave presents underneath his mustache Christmas tree.


This book can be used to teach children about unknown text. They can use clues in the pictures to help them decode the meaning of certain words (tickling the ivories, galore, blustery). 


The lexile levelf for this book is 180L